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Artikel von Ghost Betting Tips is a sports handicapping service specialising in the NHL, MLB, Rugby, and Cricket. Betting on sports isn’t simply gambling anymore, with smart statistical analysis you can turn some extra cash into consistent long-term profit. Tom Buckland, founder of ghost betting, can help you do that. With the goal of keeping 100% of your profits, Tom Buckland understands the importance of putting your trust and hard earned money in the right hands.

“We’re a number of sports betting and investing experts that have come together to build a profitable service for individuals looking to make money through smart, data-driven sports investing and betting. Whether you have $500 or $5 Million to invest we’ve worked with some large gamblers and helped everyone make a profit along the way.”

Predictable patterns in sports have been around for a long time, the real trick to ghost betting is identifying the pattern. This can be extremely difficult if you don’t have experience with statistics, but don’t worry. With the expertise of the team of ghost betting and with the right theory, you can make a comfortable, and most importantly safe, profit. With a long-term goal and smart investing principles, anyone with a little extra cash and patience can profit from ghost betting.

“If you want to build a statistical based theory (which I recommend you do) then you will need all statistical data as well as elements that bookies do not look at too much (e.g. weather, slight injuries, coaches comments etc), these are the easiest ways to generate an edge for your betting strategy.”

Ghost betting isn’t just a risky gamble anymore, with the right knowledge set and strategy you can start accumulating an easy and honest profit. You can skip the anxiety and uncertainty of gambling with ghost betting, and you can start learning how today. For more information on ghost betting and tips on how to get started, go to and put your hard earned money in the right place.

“I like helping people make money. My background is in business consulting, I’ve helped almost 100 businesses increase revenues and actually guaranteed increases in a lot of my consulting jobs. Making money whilst helping others make more is my thing.”

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