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We at XP Power, that no design project or product is the same. This means that the range of power supplies , the

facilitate application . This combined with the benefits for our customers to their product from competitors differentiate us upswing in the development of our power supply range. Our range industrieanführendes

endless combinations of standard power supplies offers package sizes , form factors , output voltages and output current levels by almost any device support . Our power supply products in four key industries

are divided . Each is made with custom designs. The four industrial sectors , for which our power supplies were first produced are military, medicine, industry and communications. Each of the sectors presents us with a unique compatibility conditions.

The power supplies in our military power series are compatible with the many military standards. Our commercial and mass-produced CT components ( COTS ) are cost effective and especially for the

Defense and avionics industries produced . They include AC / DC power supplies, such as our MCM60 , which in a

watertight enclosure is installed. Ideal for harsh environments. We offer a wide range of DC -DC converters , filters

and hold-up modules to meet at the various military standards in mobile electronic products.

Medical power supplies have an integral demand for high performance and reliability of the final products , which they operate . In addition, you meet the UL / EN 60601-1 Medizinsicherheitsstandaards and must have an increased isolation. Compared with commercial power supplies standard products need medinzinsche a reduced leakage current. The medical supplies from XP Power are made to the claims

to meet medical device manufacturers and cost-effective solutions for hospitals and for non - hospital " to provide areas. We offer the largest product lines of medical power supplies in the arts industry to

and continuously develop new products to meet the growing demands. For example : More and more medical recording devices disappear into the hospital and are home to the people. We have responded with our Class II AC- input products.

Industrial power supplies are very Versatile in style, size and output current with a unique up to several

Output voltages. The properties of the companies and devices which are in this group is extensive , and our product offering. XP Power products for semiconductor manufacturing and test equipment, factory automation, process control , instrumentation and used almost every imaginable Industrieart . Our power supplies meet these requirements many of our standard product line of DIN -rail mounted power supplies with up to several outputs and configurable high current PSU . Our group of technical solutions allowing to produce customized solutions when a standard product does not meet demands.

The power supplies used in the communications market require the latest and most advanced technology to

Challenge of more functionality in less space to cope with more processing process . Our

Communication power supplies are one of the smallest in the industry and are quite far in front, innovative design.

For example, our ECS series offers up to 45 watts output at industry-leading 5.08 cm x 7.62 cm area , our EMA212 series with 212 watts on a standard 7.62 cm x 12.7 cm area and our award-winning MFA350 , which has a current density of 10.7 watts per cubic centimeter and have different mechanical formats .

Our knowledge and understanding of each of the industries and the requirements of power supplies have special

Properties in each area led . In addition to our standard power supplies , we offer technical services, if mass-produced products do not meet your needs. Our design team of specialists is one of the best in the electricity industry. This allows us to produce the best power supplies and to meet all requirements.

See our available by XP Power's wide range of power supplies or to contact a

Power experts for more information about our technical solutions.

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