Website Conversion Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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What does it mean by ‘conversion’ in marketing? According to the marketing rulebook, it is a way of transforming traffic into prospective customers. The ‘Converted’ visitors are those who executed the actions that you wanted them to do.

What does it mean by ‘conversion’ in marketing? According to the marketing rulebook, it is a way of transforming traffic into prospective customers. The ‘Converted’ visitors are those who executed the actions that you wanted them to do.

When searching online, you will find a wealth of information on how to improve the conversion rate for your website. According to, an elite digital marketing company Singapore, you should also be in knowhow of the common conversion mistakes and how to fix those.

Ordinary Look & Feel
A recent research by Google claims that the users take only 17 minutes to have their own design opinions about a website. That means, a catchy and crispy appearance of a website is a primary condition to allure and engage your target audiences.

Don’t go crazy about the latest trends and create a unique style relevant to your brand. The challenge is to create an out-of-the-box design. A customized touch in regards to different aspects of website designing, including colour scheme, spacing, fonts etc creates a heavy impact on the audiences and thus, improves the conversion rate.

Slow Loading
Just imagine your reaction if you are visiting an ecommerce site to purchase something but it takes longer to load. Will you stay? Most probably, the answer will be ‘NO’. The loading time influences the conversion rate of your website.

Work with a reputed conversion optimization services provider to get guidance for faster loading process. Alternatively, you can use different online tools such as WP Smush, CloudFare or for compressing and optimizing the size of the uploaded media files on your website. Reduced file size is inversely related to the loading speed of your webpage.

Vague Call to Action
A website represents your brand but it is not a product or service. It conveys your marketing message to the prospective buyers. Therefore, you should integrate a ‘Call to Action’ in order to enable the visitors to contact the vendor. This way, a visitor converts into a prospective customer.

Integrating a vogue or ambiguous ‘Call to Action’ into your website increases the possibilities of losing many potential customers and subscribers.
Messy Features
A cluttered website makes it difficult for your target visitors to comprehend what product or service you want to promote and sell. At any cost, you should avoid creating such a cluttered website; otherwise you will end up losing a chunk of visitors by upsetting them.

Define your target audience and create a USP accordingly. It will make things easier for you. Never try to please all; instead create a feature to satisfy a particular block of audiences. This way, you will easily experience a remarkable difference in the conversion rate.

Average Content
Quality of content is an important feature in driving traffic to your webpage. If quality of content is poor, the visitors will lose their interest in staying on your website. It will adversely affect the conversion rate. Lack of relevance and uniqueness in content also dampens your brand image.

According to, a renowned website designing company in Singapore, you should spend money, energy and time in creating original, relevant, informative and flawless content for promotion.

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